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Eye Tests and Glasses at Home​

Specialist home visiting mobile opticians in Loughborough

Corporate Eyecare

Visual Answers provide corporate eyecare for companies of all sizes from small independent businesses such as Solicitors, Accountants and technology firms to larger establishments such as Call Centres, Banks, Schools, Universities, Special Educational Facilities and Governmental Organisations. We are also members of the Loughborough Advanced Technology and Innovation (LATi) group of companies.

Most orgnsiations and businesses require their staff to use Visual Display Units (VDUs) and Display Screen Equipment (DSEs) such as computer screens and computerised cash registers. A VDU user's sight must be looked after with regular eye tests to ensure that their eyes perform optimally eye health & eye health does not suffer; the Health and Safety (DSE) Regulations, 1992, stipulate that employers are required to provide DSE users with a regular eye test.

Visual Answers can provide your organisation with eyecare that ensures that your employees eye exam in carried out in their working environment reducing man-hours lost through off site appointments.

Key benefits:

  • Direct invoicing reducing costs & time.
  • Workstation & lighting advice, including optimising screen colours.
  • Recommendations on new generation of eye drops & products that may relieve visual symptoms, eyestrain & headaches in the workplace.
  • On site dispensing and delivery of eye wear - reducing loss of work hours.
  • We accept Accor Eye Care and other company vouchers.
  • We can supply Safety spectacles form our own BSI accredited laboratory.

Onsite eye tests can be provided for all employees and individual examinations ensuring that DSE specific spectacles are provided only for employees who require them. For those employees who require spectacles for general or personal use Visual Answers can provide a wide range of latest styles of frames from designers including Prada, Rayban, Emporio Armani, Gucci, Guess, Gant, Diesel, Dior, Elle - all at exceptional prices with Free Single Vision Stock lenses made to prescription. We also stock a range of affordable frames to suit every budget.

Inviting Visual Answers to provide your company's on site eyecare ensures not only that your organisation complies with Health and Safety requirements, but it also benefits from an increase in productivity due to improved personal visual performance, and assists in maintaining the workforce motivation & perception of employee welfare, in-keeping with HR targets.